project case study

ARC R&D facility

Our client wanted to develop a new manufacturing facility and European Head office for their short takeoff and landing (STOL) aircraft. The scheme would house their design, admin and senior management teams and also act as a showroom for potential buyers. A research and development  (R&D) area was also required to house an assembly plant, R&D post and test full workshop environment.

A transparent design

The client’s engineering orientated vision was to have a design that  always showcased the STOL vehicles and the natural woodland setting from wherever they were on the site. This combined with the challenging tight nature of the project situated next to Cranfield Airport made creating a workable efficient design even harder. ATPA developed a range of design options that met these requirements. The client wanted a transparent space where people always had visibility of the STOL vehicles contrasted against the outside from wherever they were in the building. We choose transparent materials for this project that met the client’s vision and were robust enough to withstand the demands of a high-tech STOL manufacturing facility.

Designing in context

Sensitivities in the local context required us to create a very sympathetic design response that included maintaining the historical hedgerow that cut through the site. The schedule of accommodation comprised a showroom, a 1-2-1  live vehicle and R&D facility, a 1st floor workspace and meeting rooms, CNC workshops, adjacent logistics buildings and a large gantry crane.

Year 2023

Sector Aviation

Location Cranfield, UK

Client ARC Aerosystems

Value £10m

Scale 3,800sqm

Notes Research & developmeny facility